Where occasions are not just an event, but an experience of a lifetime…

Our mission

I DO ETC. is a full-service Indian wedding event planner founded in 2001 by Devki Hemlani. In a very short period of time the company’s fresh approach, creativity and innovative thinking have made it one of the most sought-after wedding planners in Thailand.

Our mission is to give the couple and their respective families a dream come true wedding so that when they leave, they are leaving with happiness and memories.

Our Team

Devki Hemlani

Founder and Executive Director

Devki’s experience goes back to her youth when she would choreograph and design her own fashion shows at the age of 16. She also is a very dedicated member of several women’s clubs in Los Angeles, Guam, Singapore and Bangkok and has been involved and organized many social and charitable events in different countries.

Via a natural eye for color, texture, harmony, and style; she’ll set the stage by envisioning layout principles and esthetic design concepts which have yet to exist. Devki’s flair for intricate particulars i.e. patterns, prints and positioning engages the efficient running of sets. Thus, the vision of each setting transforms into a detail-rich story with lime-lights purposely on the couple to-be.

In 2001, after Devki created a ‘no-stress’ dream wedding for her daughter, she was approached for her for advice from many friends. As she helped them she found there was a desire and demand for an Indian wedding planner that can provide such services in Thailand, especially one that can communicate effectively with Thai vendors, which is natural for her as she was born in Bangkok. In 2002, while in San Diego, Devki attended a wedding show for Wedding planners and joined in a 3-month course for wedding planners.

After 15 years in this business, many can see I DO ETC.’s signature on any weddings planned by her wonderful and professional team. They have elegance; sophistication and attention to details as Devki and her team at I DO ETC. put their heart and soul into each project. We understand this is YOUR wedding and YOUR special day to remember and our goal is to make that into reality.

The high point of each wedding for Devki is seeing her creations come together, giving full happiness and satisfaction to all - the wedding couple, their family and guests. To her that is more intoxicating than a shot of tequila.

Shalini Dialdas

Entertainment Director

Shalini Dialdas has been working for I Do. Etcetera for the last 12 years. She studied Art and Design in London, England which has enabled her to be visually creative in setting and enhancing the ambience for all different types of events and celebrations including weddings, theme parties, birthday's etc. She also handles all the entertainment, and assists with sound and lighting required for each event.

In the last 12 years she has had the opportunity to work closely with major artists from all over the world which includes singers, celebrity DJs, musicians, dancers and all kinds of performers. She loves meeting new people and her goal is to make your event a unique, fun, and most of all an amazing experience.

Sweety Laddha

Technical Director

She understands very clearly how important and crucial Light and Sound (LnS) is for a wedding as she manages the team in order to create the right atmosphere to evoke an audience's response and all this demands high-level technical and creative skills of which she is very capable to handle in a timely manner to have each event ready by showtime.

Sweety interprets the creative vision into the lighting design and access the sound requirement with the artist of your choice as per their requirements and supervise the complete setup, from the beginning for a very memorable evening and with her many experience with the top SnL team in Bangkok and some of the demanding performers from India, you can be assured that she will create the ``PERFECT`` ambience for your event, night after night.

Nehal Bellani

Executive Assistant

Being an Indian in Bangkok, I have always been exposed to weddings of all kinds. Hence, I have always been fascinated with the entire process of a wedding - how it begins from the initial planning stages to the point where the bride and groom walk down the isle in unison. I choose to do an undergraduate degree in Public Relations because being around people is what I enjoyed and how to negotiate and mediate which is a crucial skill in wedding planning.

After completing my undergraduate studies I then decided to pursue my passion, which is events. Because of my passion and love for colors, challenges, and my organization skills I joint I DO etc., which enabled me to reach my goal. During my free time, I enjoy reading, shopping, trying new places to eat and spending quality time with my loved ones.

Anita Kewalramani

Executive Assistant

Starting off as just a bright eyed spectator at big fat Indian weddings and always had an fascination into the workings behind the scene of these weddings.

I've wanted to understand the logistics, and the planning behind what it takes to pull off a grand wedding and wanted to be part of the team to create help create what the bride and groom that have been dreaming of their wedding day all their lives.

And that is exactly what I strive for alongside of with our I Do Etc... team at every wedding that we work on.

I personally feel a great joy when we are successful in providing a memorable event that will be discussed and reminisced for years to come by each family.

Weddings are the blissful union of two souls that want to portray their love through the surroundings through which they wed. Its argued that you can set the tone for the beginning of their happily ever after with how happy they are from their wedding day and I work hard to make that beginning, the best one that I possibly can.

Swati Singh

Creative Assistant

Swati Singh pursued her bachelors in Computer & Network Engineering, but she always had her inclination towards creativity and colors. She has always enjoyed Indian weddings, so at the age of 21 she decided to start working in wedding planning. She says that, this industry gives her a platform to enjoy her work from being creative to multi tasking various jobs. She enjoys meeting new people and making good relationships with clients in order to understand their needs and requirements.

She believes in making every wedding décor very personal to the couple, so that even smallest details of the décor can remind the couple of some beautiful memories. She loves sitting with the company founder, Devki Hemlani and then coming up with beautiful inspirations derived from the couple’s love story to creating scenario of their favorite theme.

She also takes care of the couple during the entire wedding by giving them the best comfort to making sure that they make a grand and unique entry, that will be memorable for each event. Her aim is to make the couple the “STAR” for the three day function.

I DO ETC… strives by the concept of team work which helps each and every one of us to deliver our utmost best to our clients. She believes that the job is very rewarding because she gets a chance to make someone’s dream wedding come true which happens once in lifetime.